Marriage Certificate Attestation

Before beginning with the system and necessities for Marriage Certificate Attestation, we should comprehend what it implies by Marriage Certificate Attestation in India. Most importantly authentication of the marriage testament is required for the worldwide reason. What's more, this confirmation of marriage testament likewise affirms that this specific Marriage authentication is issued by the referenced office and the Seal and mark on this specific Marriage declaration is real. Indeed, today in this blog we are going to quickly examine the procedure of marriage Certificate Attestation in India and reports required for the validation of Marriage Certificate.

Procedure and Documents required for Marriage Certificate Attestation in India:-


The procedure for Marriage Certificate Attestation relies on the nation for which you require confirmation with regards to the pre-verification, which is required preceding MEA Apostille or Attestation of Marriage Certificate, should be possible from different government bureaus of India.

Stage 1: State Home Department/SDM/Notary/Mantralaya/HRD/GAD verification of Marriage Certificate from the particular state where the testament is issued from;

Stage 2: Attestation of Marriage Certificate or Apostille Stamp from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India.

Stage 3: After getting verified or confirmation from State specialist and from MEA, the marriage Certificate along these lines continues for the separate Embassy Legalization from the concerned Embassy. Also, in the event of Apostille from MEA, Embassy sanctioning isn't required.